In addition to the activities that La Casa Rosada · Bed & Breakfast might program for its guests, we recommend that you visit the following interesting places that will make from your stay in Copan Ruinas an unforgettable experience!!

The Main Archaeological Park

This magnificent park has been the major source of information regarding the Maya civilization.

The park has five basic areas of interest:

The Ball Court
The Great Plaza
The Acropolis
The Tunnels
The Hieroglyphic Stairway

You can hire a guide at the visitor’s center located at the entrance of the park


Las Sepulturas
Las Sepulturas archaeological site forms part of the Proyecto Arqueológico Copan. This is where one can better understand how the Mayans lived and how they used to burry their dead ones in the same place where they lived.

There are no guides at the site, so if you wish a guided tour, make sure you hire one at the visitor’s center located at the entrance of the Main Archaeological Park


The Museum of Mayan Sculpture
This museum houses the real size replica of Templo Rosa Lila, the masterpiece known also as Templo del Sol.

The Museum of the Mayan Sculpture is located adjacent to the visitors center at the Main Archaeological Park.


Casa K’inich
This is an interactive museum, dedicated specifically to the children visiting Copan. Casa K’inich is a unique learning center en Honduras, where the children can learn about the ancient Maya of Copan.

The museum does not open on Sundays. The entrance is free. Large groups require an advance reservation which can be made by calling 651- 41-05.


Macaw Mountain Bird Park
The park is located only 2 km from the soccer field at the entrance to Copan Ruinas. This unique ecological park is set in an area where the Maya actually lived. Visitors can interact with some of the birds, including the chance to take a picture or two with them.

For more information:


Enchanted Wings Butterfly House and Nature Exhibit
The butterfly house is the home of over 30 species of butterflies native to Honduras. The house also includes an orchid collection with almost 200 species.

This unique place is located just outside Copan, on the road leading to Guatemala.

For more information or reservations, please call 651- 41-33.


La Pintada
This is one of the most representative indigenous communities of Copan Ruinas.  This small community is located at walking distance from Copan. You can hire a horseback riding tour and visit this interesting place.


Horseback Riding
There are several outfits in Copan Ruinas that will rent you horses. Some of the tours will last between 45 minutes and 3 hours. Horse tours are usually into the forest areas, stelaes located around the valley and close by indigenous communities.


There is a vast array of restaurants to please almost anyone.

Pizzeria Italia, located downtown Copan Ruinas, offers a variety of delicious pizzas. From  La Casa Rosada · Bed & Breakfast you can order and/or make your reservations  by calling 651-41-72. Enjoy the famous pizzas from Pizzeria Italia at La Casa Rosada · Bed & Breakfast !


Shopping in Copan Ruinas
At La Casa Rosada · Bed & Breakfast, you can find exclusive handicrafts and original paintings of famous Honduran artists Pito Perez, Arline and Daphne.

Although there are few items produced in Copan Ruinas, the local souvenir shops offer an array of handicrafts produced both locally in Honduras as well as in neighboring Central American country of Guatemala.

Some of the most popular products found in Copan Ruinas are:

  • Coffee
  • Tobacco
  • Leather
  • Wood Handicrafts
  • Jade
  • Ceramics
  • T-Shirts
  • Guatemalan Textiles
  • Weaved Baskets and Panama Hats


"The best sleep I’ve had with open doors looking at the mountains of Copan Ruinas. I just went for one night and ended up staying one more…. I did not want to leave. The hotel service was awesome! My thumbs up for La Casa Rosada!"
- Helena Calix
  San Pedro Sula, Honduras
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